The Game

Strolling through the city, a player aims to create contributions on-site and participate in discussions.

Each contribution has an impact area and can merge into communities. The long-term goal is to grow and keep communities alive.


As a player you can post contributions - a geo-referenced piece of content. This can either be an idea, issue, opinion or a poll. You can supplement your contribution by adding a photo, your mood and a point of interest.


Contributions can be seen by other players. Valuable contributions can be voted and discussed among the players. City officials will also read the contributions and can reply and participate.


A contribution has an area and a lifetime, both results from the contribution's implication. Active discussions and appreciated contributions let's your contribution grow, stay longer and form communities.

Contributions and Communities

Each contribution has an area defined by its radius, which results from the implication of the player’s contribution, e.g. if it gets appreciated with votes and comments, or if she/he put in effort by e.g. posting a photo or creating a contribution with other players. Beside, it has a lifetime until it disappears. The lifetime increases if a contribution gets attribution, again through comments, votes and other activities.

A community is formed by two or more contributions which areas are overlapping. A players is assigned to one home community, all other communities are referred as neighbor communities. Each contribution has a stream, allowing the players to discuss and vote for the contribution.

Votes and comments for home community contributions will strengthen this contribution by boosting the area and lifetime, allowing a player to have more influence in the home community. Participating in a neighbor community will boost all your contribution's lifetime and reward you with a Good Citizen badge.

Screenshot of the map
Screenshot of the map

Post a contribution

A contribution can have several facets, depending on what you encounter and think it is worth to share or discuss. To help others understand your concern, provide many details by e.g. posting a photo, tagging the location, giving a meaningful description or choosing your mood.

Idea Icon Post an idea
E.g. you think that a crossroad would be much safer, if the municipality deploys a stop sign.
Issue Icon Report an issue
E.g. while you walk to work you encounter a broken traffic light that needs to be fixed soon.
Opinion Icon Share an opinion
E.g. sharing a personal opinion about a place to start a discussion.
Poll Icon Create a poll
E.g. asking people what would be the best option to improve a shabby park.

Opportunities for Officials

This game is designed to foster participation among citizens and make this process fun and motivating. As a municipality this tool can bridge the gap between officials and citizens by allowing efficient communication, observing citizen's concerns and utilizing the crowd to build strong and long-term plans.


Stay in touch with your community and directly communicate with them about concerns or ideas. Replying as an official will be highlighted in the app.


Collected data let's you browse through citizens’ concerns and opinions. The strong visual appearence identifies hot topics in a certain region.

Crowd Sourcing

Initiate missions to solve or get ideas for current projects and gather opinions for development plans, a feature exclusively for the city administration.

Are you interested?

b-Part is an interdisciplinary research project funded by FFG, Tekes and Formas under the European Commission’s Joint Programming Initiative Urban Europe.